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Principal's Welcome

August 24, 2023


Dear Our Lady of Sorrows School Families,

As the school principal, I wish to welcome you to the school year 2023/2024. We look forward to a year filled with excitement, friendships, learning, and of course, fun! The staff is anxiously waiting to begin the new year! A special welcome to all our new thunderbirds. We feel blessed and grateful to you for allowing us to serve and teach your precious children. Our beautiful school and the classrooms are ready to welcome you. The custodians and staff have worked diligently to make both the school and classrooms warm and inviting for all of us.

Did you know that Our Lady of Sorrows School is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus? The title of our school is dedicated to our Blessed Mother. We take time to honour the grief that she felt during the passion and death of our Lord. We also focus on the compassion of our Blessed mother, Mary. We honour her as the faithful disciple and wonderful exemplar of faith.

It is our goal to celebrate our rich diversity and create a learning culture that embraces the development of the whole child. Our school prides itself on encouraging all students to meet their academic, physical, and spiritual potential. We want them to explore and investigate their many God-given talents and gifts. We are proud to celebrate our Catholic Faith, traditions, and the spirit of giving that is created through many opportunities and relationships with our Faith community.

As parents, you play an important role in your child’s education. We look forward to working closely with you and value your partnership. Communication is both a valuable and important factor in student success. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school, the classroom teacher, or myself. We look forward to working closely with you and invite you to call if you would like to share some great ideas or would like to simply say a friendly hello.

Yours In Education,

Stacey Malette

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