About Us

Opened in 1975, Our Lady of Sorrows School is located in West Nipissing District. We have a student population of 200 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. It serves the communities of West Nipissing and Nipissing First Nation (Garden Village). Our Lady of Sorrows reflects that of a tri-cultural school:

  • English

  • French

  • Ojibwe

Our school celebrates the tri-cultural nature of our community with a variety of special events and activities. The school offers regular programs as well as core French Second Language programs and Native as a Second Language program which provides instruction in the Ojibwe language. We are very proud of the diversity representation from our community.

Promoting a Positive School Climate

Guiding Principles

  • Everyone has a role to play in building a welcoming,positive and inclusive school climate.

  • Building a positive school climate requires a focus on developing healthy and respectful relationships throughout the school community.

  • Embed the principles of equity and inclusive education in all aspects of the learning environment to support the well being and achievement of all students.

  • No single solution can guarantee the creation and maintenance of a positive school climate. It takes a collaborative effort!

  • Refer to the Student Handbook which outlines the Code of Behaviour, found under School Documents below.

Safe Schools Initiatives

  • Peace Keepers

  • Indoor Social Skills recess

  • Sensory rooms

  • Buddy teacher/student

  • 2nd step

  • Steps to Respect

  • SNAP: Stop Now and Plan


The Parents, Teachers and Students of Our Lady of Sorrows School foster and promote the development of the whole person --- spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional as a caring responsible individual within the Catholic Christian community, based on the Gospel values of Jesus Christ. Promote and support Positive Student Behaviour and provide the elements of a safe and welcoming environment based on Gospel values which promote a sense of belonging In order that learning can take place.

~ School Documents ~