Volunteer at OLS

Finding the Right Opportunity for You to Volunteer at O.L.S.

One of the best starting points for getting involved is at our open house. This evening is a great opportunity to approach your child's teachers or principal about volunteer involvement.

If you have something to offer, or if you just want to help out in whatever way you can, discuss the possibilities with teachers, who might arrange something with you personally or direct you to someone who can answer your questions and make suggestions. It's also a great idea to join the Catholic Parent Advisory Council (CSAC).  We post our meeting dates on our monthly newsletters.

Here are a few ways a person can volunteer their help:

  • Help to plan and/or chaperone field trips and/or school events

  • Act as a classroom helper

  • Help children with reading

  • Volunteer for the school Book Fair

  • Help organize, plan or work at fundraising activities such as bake sales or Fall Fair

  • Organize or assist with a specific club or interest group (if you have an interest in an activity that isn't currently available to students, offer to help get a group started — for example, a chess club or running team)

  • Assist coaches and/or teachers with sports

  • Help the teachers and principal prepare grant proposals

  • Volunteer as a library assistant or offer to help with organization of the school library

  • Volunteer to be a special guest story time reader

  • Help out with visual arts, crafts, and design courses and projects

  • Volunteer to speak in the classroom or at a career day, if you have a field of expertise that you'd like to share

Remember that not everyone is suited for the same type of involvement — you may have to "try on" a few activities before you find something that feels right. If you're at a loss for how you can help, just ask your child's teacher, who will likely be glad to help you think of something!